About Our Classes

As a result of the stigma surrounding HIV and AIDS, affected people often face adversity in many forms—depression, fear, and social isolation among them—which can impede them from getting care. We’re committed to eliminating that stigma, empowering people through classes that develop life skills and build confidence.

The following are classes we plan to offer after we build our educational center:

GED Preparation
The GED will test you on your knowledge of language arts, science, math, and social studies. Prepare thoroughly for the exam with help from one of our dedicated instructors.

Independent Living
Increase your confidence and independence through classes that help you manage your finances, take care of your household, and build positive relationships.

Information Technology
Gain computer literacy with classes that cover the basics of using a computer, the internet, email, social media, and Microsoft Office.

Résumé and Cover Letter Writing
Learn the skills necessary to craft standout résumés and cover letters.

Creative Writing
Everybody has a story to tell. Write yours in confidential, pressure-free workshops designed to inspire and motivate you.