Aware Foundation Group

An HIV and AIDS-Free Planet.
That’s Our Dream.

The Aware Foundation Group is an inclusive, grassroots 501(c)(3) nonprofit that was founded in 2018 by San Marcos, Texas resident E. Tyson Terwort.

We seek to end HIV transmission across the globe. To make that happen, we plan to offer safe sexual health services, judgment-free social assistance, and skill-building, stigma-busting educational programs in Central Texas. Our headquarters are located in San Marcos, Texas of Hays County, home to a population strongly impacted by the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

By working together to tackle this health crisis one community at a time, we can end HIV transmission and create a brighter future for the next generations.

Helping Communities in All Ways, Always.

We want to help people from all walks of life get tested for HIV—that’s the virus that causes AIDS—because testing plays a critical role in slowing transmission of the virus. We also seek to connect those already affected by HIV and AIDS with classes and community programs, to empower and serve in times of need.

Thus, we developed a “3Cs approach”: offer testing and treatment in a clinic, teach classes in an educational center, and provide social assistance and support in a community center.

Check out the list of the services that the Aware Foundation Group plans to offer communities in Central Texas and beyond as we grow.

Current Fundraising Initiatives


STD Management & Treatment

Case Management



GED Preparation

Independent Living

Information Technology

Résumé and Cover Letter Writing

Creative Writing


Community Events

Housing and Utility Assistance


Essential Supplies

HIV/AIDS Support Group


Step 1

Secure funding to purchase a building in San Marcos for the AFG office, clinic, educational center, and community center.

Step 2

Purchase, renovate, and furnish that building.

Step 3

Hire staff to work in the clinic, educational center, and community center.

Step 4

Announce our grand opening!

Today’s Citizens,
omorrow’s Leaders.

If you’re inspired to promote health and wellness and make a measurable impact in your community, you’re just the kind of leader we’re looking to partner with! There are a number of ways you can support the Aware Foundation Group in our mission to end HIV transmission.

Our Commitment to Inclusivity.

At the Aware Foundation Group, we’re dedicated to improving the lives of those who live in the communities we serve. That’s why we’re committed to an anti-discrimination policy in all programs and services that we offer.

We are consciously and proactively inclusive of all areas of diversity, including but not limited to differences in learning, family structure, race, ethnicity, color, national origin, ancestry, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, age, socioeconomic status, marital status, language, disability, and immigration status.