The Journey to Sustainability
Begins With a Foundation.

The Aware Foundation Group has scoured all over San Marcos, Texas, for the perfect location where we can lay roots to grow our organization. Our main criteria in finding the ideal space were that our site needed to serve as more than just our offices. The location would also need to provide space for the following:

  • Space for a Clinic

  • Space for classrooms

  • Space for a Community Center

The acquisition of this space will allow our organization to establish its roots deep within the communities that we serve. It will provide:

  • A place for the underserved to receive medical care

  • For STD/HIV testing

  • Case management for those who test positive for HIV and need assistance with groceries, utilities, and rent.\

  • Adult Education and Technology Classes

  • Community Support Groups.

Expand each sextion below to learn more about our project.

About the Property

A historic building constructed in 1887 is the proposed property for the Aware Foundation Group Organization. The total square footage for the building is 14,680. The main building is three stories and is flanked to the left by an ajoined annex.

How Will the Space Be Used?

  1. First Floor: 6,680 SF - This space is split between the ground floor of the main three story busilding and the ajoining annex space.

    • The ground floor of the main building will be used for for the organization's Community Center, Adult Education and Technology education spaces.

    • The adjoining annex space will be used for the clinic that will help the underservered members of our communities.

  2. Second Floor: 3,360 SF - This space will serve as the offices for the Aware Foundation Group and for in-house case management and mental health services.

  3. Third Floor: 3,360 SF - This floor will serve for the future expansion of the Aware Foundation Group.

  4. The Basement: 1,000 SF - This space will serve as storage for both the Aware Foundation Group and the clinic.

Will AFG Provide Updates on the Project/Renovations?

The Aware Foundation Group will provide updates to both its donors and members of the community.

AFG will post before, during, and after photos so that donors and the community can see the progress and how AFG is appropriating monies from the project.

Once renovations are complete, AFG will host an open house for its donors and the community.

How Much Will it Cost to Renovate?

It is said that the cost to renovate a historic home or building is never truly known until everything is completed. But with reseatch and having seen the inside of the spaces, the Aware Foundation Group can estimate that the total cost of purchase and renovations would be approximately $4.5 Million or less.

We completley understand that is a lot of money for an organization to ask for, and many would say that it would be less expensive to build a new building. While this it probably would be less expensive to build a new building, AFG values the importance of this building and the deep roots that it holds within the community.

The cCty of San Marcos has confirmed that the building qualifies for approximately $20,000 in grants. We would use the grant money towards the refurbishment of the historic building.

The Break Down:

  • Cost of Purchase: $650,000 (approximate)

  • Renovations for Clinic: $500,000

  • Renovations for First Floor: $500,000

  • Renovations for Second Floor: $250,000

  • Renovations for Third Floor: $250,000

The amounts listed above would cover any and all wiring and HVAC work that would need to be done as well as materials and finishes.

The remaining $2.35 Million would be used for repairs to to the exterior of the building, which would include the facade, parking lot, replacement of fire escape(s), and any needed roof repairs. Any monies that would remain thereafter would be used for the purchase of furniture, computer equipment, security and any other necessities.

How Will AFG Account for the Monies Spent?

Once the project is completed, the Aware Foundation Group will post the financial statements detailing how monies were spent on the projects and renovations.

How Can I Donate or Help?

The Aware Foundation Group is solely relying on donations for the acquisition of this project. This would allow AFG to remain free of any debt so that other donations can be used for other programs that it offers.

We hope that local and national companies will be able to provide materials and/or labor assistance. Any donations for materials or labor will help to reduce the expected cost of the project/renovations.

For General Questions, please reach out to us at

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